What is E-PRIME electric bike?

E prime electric bike is a modern product that combines a classic bike with modern devices that provide electrical assistance during pedaling, along with a wide range of ancillary equipment, which further facilitates the daily use of this type of transport.

Which models of electric bikes you offer?

E PRIME offers models according to the needs and wishes of the customer, these are Experience, Effecto, Effecta and Cargo. More information about the models is on our web site.

Where the E Prime electric bicycles are manufactured?

E PRIME electric bikes are designed, engineered and manufactured in Serbia, in Belgrade.

Why choosing this mode of transport?

The reasons for the use of electric bikes are numerous. Some of the reasons would be particularly singled out are:

  • Driving with very low costs and maintenance
  • Bike does not waste the petrol / oil products to power, but only the electric drive or electric drive is used as assisted
  • Bicycle can be operated without a driver’s license, or category of driving license intended driving a car / motorcycle
  • E bike not required registration and insurance
  • Electric bicycle can be used on bike trails as well as on standard road

What age group is our product dedicated to?

Our products are designed for all ages, according to the local laws of the minimum age for using bicycle (E-bike).

How to ride E prime electric bike ? Can I run an electric bike as a regular bicycle?

Our products have three driving modes:

  • As a classic bike, using only pedal to drive
  • a classic bike, using a pedal assisted electric drive with selecting one of five levels of assistance
  • Only the electric drive without using the pedals

*Depending on the local laws in some countries it is not possible to drive electric bicycle without using the pedal, or using only the electric drive.

Is it hard to ride a E prime E-bike using only pedals (without electric assist) ?

Our products are using shifter with 7/9 speed, making driving a custom field that bicycle use. In the construction of the bike we took care of the additional weight of the bike that makes reinforced frame, electric motor, batteries and associated electronics. According to the selected equipment weight of the basic model bicycle is increased.

When and where can I perform a test drive?

Our products can be viewed at our dealers, the list of which is on our website, as well as in our sales area. For test drive you need to contact us via our contact page, and we will accordingly inform the schedule of planned promotions, as well as test drive.

Can your products be purchased according to customer wishes (equipment)?

Our basic models offer sufficient comfort for the standard use. Each customer can purchase additional desired level of the equipment and accessories for a particular model. More information about the models and equipment can be found on our web site.

Can I buy only the parts (motor, batteries and the like) and make my bike from the current one?

E prime does not sell special parts for electric bicycles, only replacement parts for our products.

Is there a guarantee on the bike and what it means?

Our products are sold with a standard 2-year guarantee except:

  • Tires, brake pads, discs and wheel bearings and pedals that are the subject of regular maintenance
  • Battery pack – 1-year

Is there need of servicing the bike, when and where?

Electric bicycle is required to be held pursuant to the recommendations of the maintenance of the standard bike. More detailed instruction on maintenance is included with the purchased product.

What is the price of electric bike service?

Since our products mainly use standard classic bike parts, service is very affordable. For details you can contact us via our contact page.

Is there a service and where it is?

Our products are serviced in the service network as described on our web site.

How to decide which bike is for me?

According to your needs, our sales team will advise you and assist you in choosing the model that best fits your requirements.

What to do in case the battery runs out? Can I continue riding a bike?

Unlike electric scooter / motor, you can ride our electric bikes like a classic bike without electric drive or assists. Charging is possible at any standard household outlet (220V or 110V) using the charger, or through the SDS.

What is the range of the bike?

Range details of each product can be found on our web site.

What is the maximum speed of an electric bike?

Top speed is limited in accordance with local regulations, and land of sales. Our products are adaptable to local laws and regulations. In most European countries, the speed is limited to 25 km/h or 45 km/h. Power is limited to 250W, 500W or 1000W.

What is the maximum load of E-bike ?

Maximum load capacity is defined for each model.  Details can be found on our web site.

Is it possible to upgrade bike and change some parts to others?

Our products mainly use standard, compatible components of a standard bike. In the case that your additional requests are not defined in the accessories, our sales team is available to answer your questions.

What is the weight of the bike?

Depending on the model weight is different, the answer for specific model can be found on our website.

What type of battery your bicycles use?

Our products use advanced Li-ion batteries intended for electric vehicles.

How much time I need to charge my E prime E-bike ?

Depending on the selected battery capacity and type the charger, charging time is variable. The charging time can be 1-6 hours.

How long is battery lifecycle?

Rated battery life is 600-800 cycles, depending, on the mode of exploitation. Rated battery life means that after a defined cycle battery has 75% of the estimated capacity.

Can the battery be used after the defined life cycle?

Yes, the battery can be used after a defined number of cycles, in proportion to capacity.

Does the battery have life duration without using it?

According to instructions of the product battery should be maintained in the event of prolonged inactivity. Battery life is defined primarily cycles of charge and discharge.

Is it possible to buy the product with a battery that has a longer shelf life?

According to the charging and discharging cycles and the average use of batteries, they can be used for several years, and season. We are able to offer the battery with a larger number of cycles. For details you can contact us via the contact page.

Is it possible to remove the battery from the bicycle?

All our models have the option of removing the battery from the bicycle.

Is it possible to charge the battery without the presence of a bike?

Yes, all our models in addition to the removable batteries have rechargeable batteries without the bike, in an apartment or another area with accessible standard 110V/220V socket.

Is it possible to purchase additional extra battery?

All our models have a choice of battery capacity. It is also possible to buy a second, back-up battery. In the case of a request for additional battery, some models have the ability to connect an external battery parallel.

What do I do if my battery loses defined capacity?

The second battery can be ordered via the contact page.

Can I use some other charger to charge the bike?

No, charging of our product is only possible with our charger.

Is the bicycle is water resistant?

Our products are the moisture resistant and designed for standard usage, which includes driving on wet roads and possible rain.

Is there a theft protection?

Our models are equipped with the ignition key. Depending on the model, there is an option you can select the alarm and GPS tracking. In addition to accessories, you can also use classical measures and protection devices for bicycle or motorcycle.

Is there an alternative way to charge other than classical, via a standard socket and regenerative charging?

The range of our products you can find the Solar Docking Station, which allows completely free charging via solar panels installed on the device. In addition to charging, Solar Docking Station enables the bicycle lock, as well as the management station via smartphone.

What is the cost of charging bike using a standard 110v/220V socket ?

Depending on the price of electricity in European countries, and the selected battery capacity charging price can cost from EUR 0.1 to 0.5.

How do I get information about the distance traveled, speed, bike status and the battery?

In accordance with the purchased model and equipment level, our products are equipped with a trip computer with LCD display, which in addition to the above information provides all the necessary information related to the ride and handling of the bicycle.