eXperience is an electric bike with a unique set of natural cycling and superior design, accompanied by the latest-generation of technical solutions, as well as the creating quality of the highest level.
City and intercity driving, eXperience will make easy and modern, and all your expectations will be exceeded by far.
Specialty of this model is specially designed frame, made of aluminum for the purpose of this bike. We wanted not to lose the characteristics of an ordinary bicycle and, on the other hand, to improve characteristics of an ordinary bicycle to the level that leads this bike far ahead of all in every way.
eXperience is intended for men and women.

Bicycle frame (base): Black
Bicycle frame (upper part) / seating part /suspension /battery: black white, yellow, blue, green, red, or color by choice
Wheels: Black

Frame: Aluminium with steel elements, handmade, L size
Motor: Brushless 1000W
Battery: Li-on 48V, 900Wh-2000Wh ,Removable, with theft protection
Display: LCD backlight with USB charger
Front suspension: Zoom 680D / DNM USD-8
Back suspension: Tought shock FDR180mm / DNM 650L 200mm
Seat: sports Black
Wheels: 26 ”
Regenerative Charging (when brakes are applied): yes
Braking system: Shimano BR-M355, M396 hydraulic brakes, discs 180mm
Transmission: Shimano Tourney TX 7 speed
Front LED and rear LED light with STOP light and electric horn
Starting electric power: Key or “KeyLessGo” system

Without electric drive
With electrically assisted “pedalec” (5 assist levels)
Electric drive only
*Depending on the local laws in some countries it is not possible to drive electric bicycle without using the pedal.

Maximum limited speed: 25 km / h
Maximum range: Up to 80 km in the basic version, up to 200 km an advanced version
Charging time: 90-180 minutes
Loading capacity: 120 kg
Weight: 32kg

Motor 2000KW + battery 1500Wh
Battery 1.5KWH
GPS tracking
System KeyLessGo
Front suspension DNM USD-8
Rear suspension DNM 650L
Brakes Tektro + discs 203mm
Advanced tyres